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Request Testnet ZETA


You can request once every 24 hours. Your Twitter account must be over 1 month old. ZetaLabs uses read-only Twitter access, for spam prevention.

You will receive assets as listed below. Make sure you've added the information below to your wallet so that you can view ZETA in your wallet!


You must have the xDefi Wallet installed to test the Bitcoin Omnichain Smart Contract Swap. You can find it at

You need Testnet Bitcoin to use this swap. Try one of the following faucets:

Faucet Drips: 3 ZETA. Use Goerli Faucet for gETH.

Faucet Drips: 3 ZETA. Use Binance Faucet for tBNB.

Polygon Mumbai

Faucet Drips: 3 ZETA, 0.005 tMATIC. You can also use Mumbai Faucet for tMATIC.

Klaytn Baobab

Faucet Drips: 3 ZETA, 0.005 KLAY. You can also use Klaytn Faucet for KLAY.