Welcome to ZetaLabs

ZetaLabs is a space where you can explore ZetaChain’s testnet through various applications. ZetaChain is an L1 blockchain that supports interoperability from any chain to any chain, including non-smart contract chains like Bitcoin. Apps built on ZetaChain can span any and all chains.

We built our first testnet app, Zeta Swap, to showcase just one use case, but now would like to introduce the community to the ZetaChain ecosystem. Explore the apps, providers, and tools below. You can get ZETA to test in the Get ZETA tab or on our Discord.

If you’re interested in building your own application on ZetaChain, get started here!

Explore ZetaChain Testnet dApps

Omnichain liquid staking protocol integrated with Curve. Boosted staking yields & extra rewards for stakers.

Eddy Finance an Omnichain DEX built on ZetaChain that lets you move native assets and stablecoins between chains, including BTC, ETH, BNB, and more.

Range Protocol is building the Universal On-chain Asset Management Platform, providing the gateway for investors to access trading strategies run by professional traders, in a fully non-custodial, trustless manner.

₿uild Investment Ready Startups

10K Dex provides a fully-decentralized on-chain exchange with perpetual and spot trading, earning, and related ecosystem including wallet as well as data analytics platform.

All-in-one wallet to help secure your crypto asset

Initiated by the community in 2019, Absolute is a fun-focused ecosystem with all the benefits of decentralization without the fuss.

AbstraDEX, the Multichain-Powered Decentralized Exchange Revolution. A suite of DEX products that provide concentrated liquidity on multi-chain, seamless trading, and a smooth experience for traders.

Platform with various quests from cryptocurrency projects! Complete tasks and earn incredible prizes with no investment!

Welcome to the smarter way to manage your Web3. Whatever you do in Web3, do it securely and easily with AmazeWallet. Four features that offer more: mobile mining, secure messenger, self-custodial wallet, nft marketplace.

Amet Finance revolutionizes finance with on-chain bonds, offering secure and transparent solutions for seamless issuance, trading, and redemption on blockchain networks

The first trading card game powered by gods and blockchain. COLLECT, CRAFT & FIGHT.