Welcome to ZetaLabs

ZetaLabs is a space where you can interact with ZetaChain’s testnet through various applications. ZetaChain is an L1 blockchain that supports interoperability from any chain to any chain, including non-smart contract chains like Bitcoin. Apps built on ZetaChain can span any and all chains.

We built our first testnet app, Zeta Swap, to showcase just one use case, but so much more can be built on ZetaChain, from DeFi to games to wallet solutions and more.

If you’re interested in building your own application on ZetaChain, get started here!

Swap now

Zeta Swap

Swap test assets for one another on ZetaChain’s testnet.

Coming soon

NFT Marketplace

Create, mint and trade omnichain NFTs from any chain to any other chain.

Coming soon

More Apps...

Stay tuned to see what’s coming next. If you’re interested in building on ZetaChain, get started here.