Frequently Asked Questions

ZetaLabs lets you contribute to the ZetaChain blockchain development by testing with omnichain dApps built on the ZetaChain Testnet.

ZetaChain is the world's first and only blockchain that connects everything. It facilitates cross-chain and cross-layer value transfer, message delivery, and smart contract calls — thus enabling for the first time omnichain dApps (odApps) which can leverage liquidity on multiple networks and read and update states on all connected networks.

Read more about ZetaChain here.

This was the first omnichain swap dApp built on ZetaChain. You can transfer assets between any connected chain, without wrapping or locked tokens, in a single step. This app has been closed for now, to open the community to test more ecosystem apps.

If you're interested, learn how to build your own cross-chain DEX here.

The ZetaChain Athens Testnet is a fully explorable network for developers to build and test dApps prior to releasing them on Mainnet. It will periodically experience downtime as the ZetaChain undergoes active development. Although it may change over time with blockchain upgrades, the Testnet will serve as a development platform for ZetaChain and dApp development even beyond the release of Mainnet. We will periodically release more updates on Discord and Twitter regarding ZetaLabs about new features and dApps that you may interact with and help test.

You can connect your Metamask and Coinbase wallets. We will be adding more wallet support soon!

The Swap app was the first omnichain dApp on ZetaLabs. While points are no longer able to be earned, all previously earned points will not be affected. Stay tuned on our Discord for more information on how to contribute to ZetaChain.

ZETA Points were a mechanism we used previously to track user contributions to the ZetaChain testnet network. As we transition into the next phase of ZetaChain, we are sunsetting the ZETA Points program, but all previously earned ZETA Points will remain viewable on the Leaderboard page. Stay tuned on Discord and Twitter for updates on how you can continue to contribute to ZetaChain.